Ron DeSantis Will Work for All Floridians, While Andrew Gillum Will Only Look Out for Himself and His Friends

Andrew Gillum is too corrupt for Florida. He has taken trips to New York and Costa Rica with developers and lobbyists who then benefited from millions of dollars of taxpayer-funded that Gillum voted to award.

The vacations are even the subject of an FBI investigation and several ethics complaints. Of course, Andrew Gillum swears he paid for the trips himself, but receipts released by his campaign proved otherwise.

One target of the investigation, Adam Corey, is a longtime friend and Gillum’s former campaign treasurer. Corey received millions to build an upscale restaurant, and the two of them have even taken trips with undercover FBI agents.

Ron DeSantis has a record of accountability, and has fought wasteful spending. As Governor, Ron DeSantis will ensure that Florida works for all, not just for the politically connected.

Receipts Released by Gillum Campaign Fail to Prove Who Paid for Trips, Excursions. “Mayor Andrew Gillum released travel receipts Tuesday for personal trips he took to New York City and Costa Rica that are under investigation by the Florida Commission on Ethics. But the early evening document drop by Gillum’s campaign for governor was more remarkable for what it didn’t include — receipts from any of the New York outings he took in August 2016 with his former friend, lobbyist Adam Corey, his brother, Marcus Gillum and two undercover FBI agents. There was nothing to show who paid for his tickets to ‘Hamilton’ or his stay at the Millennium Hotel or who exactly arranged a boat outing to the Statue of Liberty.” (Jeff Burlew and Jeffrey Schweers, “Andrew Gillum’s receipts for New York and Costa Rica trips leave unanswered questions,” Tallahassee Democrat, 9/4/2018 updated 9/5/2018)

Andrew Gillum Voted to Give Millions in Taxpayer-Funded Grants to a Friend and Political Ally. “Corey was a longtime college friend of Mayor Andrew Gillum and served as his volunteer campaign manager in 2014, before Gillum’s current bid for governor.” “Corey, the Edison and Cascades Holdings LLC, which received $2.1 million in local tax dollars to help renovate the old electrical building in Cascades Park, were among the people and companies listed in the first round of subpoenas.” (Jeffrey Schweers, “City slapped with new FBI subpoena on Edison, Adam Corey,” Tallahassee Democrat, 5/31/2018 updated 6/1/2018)

Targets of the FBI’s Corruption Probe Have Donated to Gillum’s Campaigns. “The latest strike? The DeSantis campaign is calling on Andrew Gillum to return more than $75,000 in campaign donations from those who’ve been subpoenaed in the course of the more-than-three-year-long investigation into Tallahassee’s city government. ‘Records show that Gillum has received contributions from 36 of the 40 named subjects of the FBI investigation,’ Stephen Lawson, DeSantis’ communications director said. ‘These new facts continue to link Andrew Gillum to the FBI’s investigation.’” (Danny Mcauliffe, “Ron DeSantis hits Andrew Gillum on donors subpoenaed by FBI,” Florida Politics, 10/1/2018)


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