Jacksonville, Fla. – During a Women for DeSantis event at the Ron DeSantis for Governor Jacksonville Victory Office today, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Ron DeSantis thanked the members of his Women’s Coalition and women across the state who travelled to this event in support of Ron DeSantis’ campaign for Governor of Florida.

Ron DeSantis released the following statement regarding the Women’s Coalition:

“I am so proud to have the endorsement and support of this incredible group of women. This coalition is made up of some of the most talented individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Their support underlines the outstanding enthusiasm that we have seen throughout Florida during this campaign and I look forward to working with these women to ensure that we create a bright future for the people of the Sunshine State.“

Many members of the Women’s Coalition and leaders from the across state travelled to Jacksonville today to hear Ron DeSantis speak, including Representative Cyndi Stevenson, who said:

“I was proud join Ron DeSantis and Jeanette Nuñez in Jacksonville for the Women’s Coalition event this morning. Ron and Jeanette will be excellent leaders for our state and I know that together they will expand opportunities for all Floridians.”

The Ron DeSantis Women’s Coalition is made up of women who are leaders in communities across the state and have endorsed his campaign for Governor of Florida.

The Ron DeSantis Women’s Coalition includes:

Adele Amico

Marie Barbosa

Abby Bean

Lynda Bell

Ashley Benoit

Louise Brown

Regina Brown

Joanna Bryan

Lourdes Castillo de la Pena

Terry Castro

Maricel Cobitz

DeeDee Corbin

Zenna Corbin

Toni Crawford

JoAnn DeBartolo

Carol Desiderio

Susie Dolan

Vi Drexler

Joyce Estes

State Rep. Heather Fitzenhagan

Robbie Ford

Ashley Gilhousen

Cindy Graves

Sandy Graves

Betty Hayes

Libby Hill

Jillian Hubbard

Commissioner Diane Hutchings

Jennifer Kirkland

Nancy Lambka

State Senator Debbie Mayfield

Janet McDonald

Nancy Peek McGowan

Susan McKeithan

Sherrie McKnight

Michelle Merrell

Rose Nettles

Karen Olsen

Kim Olson

MaryAnn Pistilli

Sherri Porter

Barbara Price

Nancy Price

Kathy Rapp

State Rep. Holly Raschein

Tamara Renuart

Naomi Roberts

Mary Ann Russell

Ruthie Schlabach

Glenda Sennello

Sue Snowden

Linda Stoch

Michelle Stone

Opal Stroud

Amilee Stuckey

Patricia Sullivan

Christine Sutherland

Lorene Thomas

Linda Townsend

Nikki Turner

Angie Vasquez

Helen Voltz

Rebecca Walker

Amy Pope Wells

Janet Westling

Charlotte White

Marina Woolcock

Bridget Ziegler

To see the full list of endorsements for Ron DeSantis for Governor, click HERE.