Ron DeSantis Stands Firm with the Constitution. Andrew Gillum Does Not.

Ron DeSantis is a U.S. veteran that firmly believes in protecting the Second Amendment right of all Americans and has received an ‘A’ rating from the NRA. In contrast, Mayor Andrew Gillum believes in radically rolling back the rights of Americans to bear arms and protect themselves, receiving an ‘F’ rating from the NRA.

Andrew Gillum opposes Floridians right to defend themselves, saying the Stand Your Ground law has ‘no place in civilized society.” Ron DeSantis supports the constitutional rights of Floridians to defend themselves, their homes and their families.

Recent gun legislation signed into law in Florida raised the minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21, implemented three-day waiting times on purchases, and created a mechanism that allows law enforcement to seize firearms from law abiding citizens. As Governor, Ron DeSantis would have vetoed this legislation because he does not believe law abiding gun owners and citizens should be punished for the criminal acts of the few.

Andrew Gillum believes this legislation didn’t go far enough. Gillum has advocated for a ban on all assault weapons, has fought the NRA in court after state law nullified city ordinances regulating firearm usage, and running mate, Chris King, believes Florida should have an ammunition or bullet tax.

The next Governor of Florida will immediately be faced with the task of nominating three justices to the Florida Supreme Court. Ron DeSantis will nominate judges that believe in and uphold the Constitution and the Second Amendment. Andrew Gillum will nominate activist judges to the Supreme Court who share his radical vision rolling back the rights of all Floridians to bear arms defend themselves and their families.

Chris King Calls for Bullet Tax. “Chris King wants to use taxes on weapons and bullets to pay for gun violence.” (Gray Rohrer, “Chris King calls for bullet tax to pay for gun violence prevention,” Orlando Sentinel, 6/1/2018)

Andrew Gillum Claims Stand Your Ground Laws have “No Place in Civilized Society.” “Stand Your Ground laws have “no place in civilized society.”(Sarah Jarvis, “Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial candidates spar, defend records during second debate,” Naples Daily News, 6/10/2018)

Gillum Wants to Ban Assault Weapons. “Anyone who wants to fire a weapon that can fire 60 bullets in 60 seconds should join the military.” (Anthony Man, “Andrew Gillum advocates for gun restrictions, avoids questions about Sheriff Scott Israel,” Sun Sentinel, 9/21/2018)

DeSantis Receives ‘A’ Rating from NRA, Gillum ‘F.’ “Rep. Ron DeSantis’ grade of A on second-amendment issues.” (Bill Cotterell, “NRA releases candidate grades; Graham, Gillum both score F’s,” Tallahassee Democrat, 7/17/2018)

DeSantis Would Veto New Gun Legislation. “I would have vetoed it.” (Anthony Man, “Trump-endorsed Ron DeSantis says he’d have vetoed gun law, removed Sheriff Israel,” Sun Sentinel, 4/10/2018)


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