Ron DeSantis’ Record is One of Selfless Leadership While Andrew Gillum’s is One of Serving Himself

Ron DeSantis has a record of selfless leadership. As a Congressman, he declined his congressional pension and health care plan. He also proposed a “No Budget, No Pay” policy, where members of Congress would be denied a paycheck for failing to do their jobs and pass a budget. Floridians deserve a Governor who will put them first, and Ron DeSantis is the only candidate with the record of doing just that.

Andrew Gillum’s record is one of self-enrichment and cronyism. As a city commissioner, he voted to increase his own taxpayer-funded retirement compensation. He also voted to approve millions in taxpayer-funded grants to friends and political supporters.

Whether serving in the Navy as JAG officer, serving as a federal prosecutor, or serving as a member of Congress, Ron’s record as a public servant speaks for itself. He is the only candidate who will put the people before himself and hold government accountable to the taxpayers.

Ron DeSantis Declines Congressional Pension and Healthcare Plan. “The decision is consistent with the strict ideology DeSantis has espoused as a Congressman. He declined to take part in the pension and health care plan shortly after he was elected in 2012.” (Emily L. Mahoney, “Ron DeSantis resigns from Congress to focus on running for governor,” Tampa Bay Times, 9/10/2018)

Ron DeSantis is a Decorated Veteran and Former JAG Officer, Served in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay. “A graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School, DeSantis received a commission as a JAG officer for the U.S. Navy while still in law school, and later served in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay. He has received numerous military honors, including the Bronze Star. DeSantis later worked as a federal prosecutor in Florida, and he still serves as a Navy reservist.” (Grace Segers, “What to know about Ron DeSantis, GOP Florida gubernatorial candidate,” CBS News, 7/31/2018)

Gillum is a Career Politician Who Only Held Non-Taxpayer Funded, Part Time Jobs That Were Given to Him By Political Supporters. “Gillum earned $71,680 in 2017 working for her firm, according to financial disclosure forms filed in June. He was listed in corporate records that same year as the company’s vice president. He stepped down from that post late last year so he could focus more on his campaign, Lettman-Hicks said. She said he’s on hiatus through the Aug. 28 primary…A Democrat reporter asked whether his work with P&P was full time. ‘Truncated,’ Gillum responded. ‘Full time as parent, mayor, candidate for governor, consultant.’…Lettman-Hicks took Gillum under her wing. She helped him get a job in 2002 with the PFAW Foundation, the charitable branch of People for the American Way, an organization founded by Lear to fight the far right….When Gillum stepped down from the PFAW Foundation, Lettman-Hicks was all too happy to hire him.” (Jeff Burlew and Jeffrey Schweers, “Andrew Gillum’s other job: P&P Communications shares building with campaign HQ,” Tallahassee Democrat, 8/1/2018)

Andrew Gillum Voted to Increase His Taxpayer-Funded Retirement Compensation Plan. “Typically, deferred compensation programs move a portion of a person’s salary to a separate retirement account. But, in the case of the city, commissioners received up to $22,000 each year on top of their $36,000 salaries, which are set by the city charter. The mayor takes in roughly double what a commissioner makes. During the five years the deferred compensation program functioned, commissioners and city staff amassed more than $1 million in benefits. (Sean Rossman, “State Attorney’s Office investigating city retirement program,” Tallahassee Democrat, 7/26/2016)


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