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Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida Endorses Governor Ron DeSantis for Reelection

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida (RNHAFL) announced their endorsement of Governor Ron DeSantis in his 2022 campaign for reelection.

“At a time when our values are under attack, standing up for freedom and in defense of liberty is one of my top responsibilities. I’ve enabled all Floridians to live in a state free from the tyrannical lockdowns and mandates that have become synonymous with Joe Biden and the Democratic Party,” said Governor DeSantis. “In Florida, we’re protecting the freedoms of all workers, parents, and students and rejecting the government overreach of the Biden administration. We’re prioritizing our children’s education, including a ban on indoctrinating students to hate America and each other through Critical Race Theory. We’ve created an economic environment that is one of the best in America. There are many Floridians who have fled Marxist regimes to find a safe haven and in Florida, they’ve found freedom and prosperity. These Floridians understand the current threats to our Constitution. This is a time for choosing. In Florida, we choose liberty.”

“For decades, exiles like my parents fled from tyrannical dictatorships to Florida in search of the American Dream. They know the pain that comes from oppressive regimes that take away human rights and bring nothing but misery,” said Lt. Governor Jeanette Nunez. “Governor DeSantis and I have worked tirelessly to defend freedom in Florida and because of his leadership, the governor has become a national leader due to his fierce defense of our liberties. From banning Marxist indoctrination in our schools to standing with our men and women in blue, Governor DeSantis has made Florida a model for the rest of America.”

In a statement, the RNHAFL said: “Under Governor DeSantis’ leadership Florida has become not only a travel destination, but a place where people can come to live their lives free of government mandates. The Biden administration’s ever increasing power grabs require leadership that will stand firm in both principle and conviction. DeSantis relied on his own moral compass and successfully lead individuals and businesses through COVID lockdowns, which has resulted in Florida outpacing the nation in job growth and job opportunities. His call for a special legislative session in Florida shows his dedication to ensuring the freedoms to individuals, parents, and businesses are paramount to all elected officials in Florida.”

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida is an organization of concerned citizens who are inspired by the need to curtail excessive government growth, spending, taxation and regulation. Their mission is to mobilize, organize and educate fellow residents on Local, County and State Government and to influence public policy consistent with three core values of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets.


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