Last night, Andrew Gillum’s campaign released partial receipt documentation from his trips to Costa Rica and New York City with lobbyists and undercover FBI agents. This comes after weeks of Gillum promising to release them, and amidst an ongoing ethics investigation into the trips by the state commission on ethics.

The problem? The “release” was incomplete at best, and at worst just another attempt by Andrew Gillum to obscure the truth. The missing pieces include accounting for:


  • A receipt for his airfare to and from New York City.
  • A ticket to the Broadway show “Hamilton”, which Gillum claimed he received from his brother. (Which Adam Corey, through his lawyer, has since denied).
  • A ticket for a Statue of Liberty boat ride, which was organized and attended by undercover FBI agents.
  • Any receipts for other expenditures during the trip.
  • Proof of payment for his New York City hotel (as opposed to an unmarked folio “bill”).


  • Proof of purchase for Mayor Gillum’s plane ticket (His wife’s receipt was only documentation provided).
  • A breakdown of exactly how much Gillum paid “in cash” for his portion of the trip.
    • His receipt simply shows a $400 cash withdrawal, but this raises even more questions:
      • If he actually paid his and his wife’s fair share of the trip, it would be more than $400.
      • Note: Adam Corey’s lawyer has since refuted even this premise by saying “to date Mr. Corey has not received any cash from the mayor.”

Some of these questions have already been correctly outlined by Politico.

The Tallahassee Democrat also noted: “But the early evening document drop by Gillum’s campaign for governor was more remarkable for what it didn’t include — receipts from any of the outings he took in New York City in August 2016 with his former friend, lobbyist Adam Corey, his brother, Marcus Gillum and two undercover FBI agents. There was nothing to show who paid for his tickets to “Hamilton” or his stay at the Millennium Hotel or who exactly arranged for boat outings to the Statue of Liberty.”

When it comes to Andrew Gillum’s Tallahassee dealings, his dizzying web of deception is quickly entangling his bid for Governor. The voters of Florida—and the FBI—are catching on quickly, and it won’t be long before Gillum is simply forced to answer.

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