Ron DeSantis is the Only Candidate Who Will Work to Protect Florida’s Environment

A Florida native, Ron DeSantis understands our state’s on-of-a-kind natural environment and the importance of protecting it.

Ron is the only candidate for Governor who will work with the President and Congress to expedite the completion of the reservoir, stop toxic algae discharges and combat red tide. His experience in Congress and his unique relationship with the President will help him fight to ensure that we never allow off-shore oil drilling off Florida’s coasts.

The Everglades Trust, in their endorsement of Ron, called him a “hero” that the Everglades and Florida’s coastal estuaries need. In election cycles full of “rhetoric and broken promises,” Ron is the only candidate who has “actually walked the walk” when it comes to standing up for the environment and against special interests.

Kimberly Mitchell, executive director of the Everglades Trust, said that the millions of people who depend on a healthy Everglades, “and all the critters who call them home,” now have a champion in Ron DeSantis and “it could not have come soon enough.”

When it comes to partnering with the Federal government to protect Florida’s environment, Ron DeSantis is the clear choice for Governor.

Ron DeSantis Will End Drilling Off of Florida’s Coastlines. “Fight to Prevent Oil Drilling off Florida’s Coast: Our coast is one of the most important economic drivers of Florida and Ron DeSantis has a proven track record in supporting measures to ban offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Florida has seen firsthand the dangers that off-shore drilling can bring to our beaches and shorelines. Starting day one, DeSantis will utilize his unique relationship with President Trump and his administration to ensure that oil drilling never occurs off Florida’s coastlines.” (“Environment,” Ron DeSantis for Governor)

Ron DeSantis Will Work With Trump Administration and Congress to Unlock Funding for Everglades Restoration and Lake Okeechobee Reservoir Construction. “Beginning day one, DeSantis will work with the Trump administration and Congress to ensure the federal government honors its 20-year old funding promise to CERP by appropriating its $200 million in matching federal dollars to build the Southern Reservoir and complete the entire suite of projects. The 120-billion-gallon reservoir will be built primarily on state land and will serve as a dynamic storage system discharging clean water into Everglades National Park and then into the Florida Bay. Ron DeSantis understands that fulfilling the promises of Everglades restoration is a critical investment in protecting our natural resources, creating jobs, and enhancing a lifestyle for millions of residents and visitors to Florida. The entire inventory of projects approved for Lake Okeechobee would reduce discharges by almost 63%.” (“Environment,” Ron DeSantis for Governor)

Andrew Gillum Calls for President Trump’s Impeachment. “Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum called for President Donald Trump’s impeachment Friday ahead of Trump’s visit to the Florida Panhandle…‘Donald Trump should be impeached now,’ Gillum said in the video.” (Kirby Wilson, “Andrew Gillum: ‘Donald Trump should be impeached now’,” Tampa Bay Times, 12/8/2017)

Everglades Trust Endorses Ron DeSantis. “‘The Everglades and coastal estuaries couldn’t care less about partisan politics, so the Trust doesn’t. They are in desperate need of a hero – and they found one in Ron DeSantis,’ said Everglades Trust Executive Director Kimberly Mitchell. ‘Ron understands the critical infrastructure projects that must be undertaken and expedited, with the ability to make them a top priority, and already has a track record of standing up to an industry that is physically and politically blocking the reconnection of Lake Okeechobee to the Everglades – Big Sugar. Floridians have had enough of rhetoric and broken promises from our politicians. ‘I will stand up to the special interests,’ is what we’re told in an election year. Well, we now have a politician who has actually walked the walk and for the millions who depend on a healthy Everglades, and all the critters who call them home, it could not come soon enough.’” (Adam Smith, “Everglades Trust endorses Ron DeSantis over Andrew Gillum,” Tampa Bay Times, 10/17/2018).


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