Politico FL: Ron DeSantis Leads Gubernatorial Primary Field In First Poll of 2018

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January 2, 2018


Politico FL: Ron DeSantis Leads Gubernatorial Primary Field In First Poll of 2018
Tops Adam Putnam In Potential 3-Way and Head-to-Head Matchup

Poll: DeSantis has slight edge in GOP gubernatorial primary

“Let us start with some new numbers that give a glimpse into the not-yet-finalized Republican field for governor.
Jeff Roe, founder of Remington Research Group and a top adviser for Ted Cruz’s failed presidential bid, is out with a new poll showing Rep. Ron DeSantis with a slight lead more than 10 months before election day. DeSantis is not yet officially in the race, but is widely expected to decide shortly.
The automated “robopoll,” which had a sample of 1,423 likely GOP voters, had DeSantis with 28 percent, ahead of state Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam (25 percent), and state House Speaker Richard Corcoran (3 percent). Corcoran is not yet in the race, but expected to announce after the 2018 legislative session. The poll does not include former state Sen. Jack Latvala, who recently resigned after two sexual harassment investigations but officially remains in the governor’s race.
The new numbers also give some insight into why President Donald Trump’s support and endorsement is so coveted despite low national poll numbers. Trump, who has given public support to DeSantis, is viewed favorably by 84 percent of Republican primary voters.
“Additionally, a plurality of voters, 36 percent, claimed to be a “Trump Republican” when asked what type of Republican they considered themselves to be,” read a narrative accompanying the numbers. “This data could provide a glimpse as to how impactful an endorsement from Trump could be in the primary election.”
The poll was not funded by any campaign or committee directly aligned with the governor’s race. Roe is also not working for any of the campaigns.”
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