ICYMI: 40 NFIB Small Business Owners Reject Andrew Gillum’s Tax Policies; Praise DeSantis’

In case you missed it, 40 small business owners from across the state of Florida released an open letter to raise their concerns over the potentially devastating impacts Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum’s economic policies would have on small businesses, as outlined in the James Madison Institute’s recent 2018 Election Report.

In the letter, these small business owners state, “Gillum’s plan to raise the corporate tax rate, double the minimum wage and mandate a complete government takeover of healthcare will radically alter the business climate and impede entrepreneurs’ abilities to operate successfully and grow our economy.”

They continue, “In fact, JMI’s report states that ‘the policy agenda Candidate Gillum proposes would require an increase in the corporate tax rate to the 2nd highest in the United States, an increase in Florida’s sales tax to 39 percent, or the imposition of a state income tax as high as 37 percent’ – all possibilities that would jeopardize the low-tax business climate we’ve worked so hard to create, turning the clock back on our state’s businesses and erasing our economic gains.”

The small business owners also praised Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Ron DeSantis for his economic plan stating, “Ron DeSantis’ pro-growth agenda would keep Florida’s taxes low, remove roadblocks to business by eliminating burdensome government regulation, attract more businesses to the state and continue to grow jobs for all Floridians.”

They concluded by saying, “NFIB believes the choice for Governor is clear. Ron DeSantis is committed to the policies that will continue our state on the path to economic prosperity. Andrew Gillum is committed to policies that will hinder our state’s businesses and damage our economic well-being. Florida can’t afford to turn the clock back now.

To read the full letter, including the full list of Florida small business owners, click HERE.


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