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Chairs & Co-Chairs

Inaugural Chairs, Brian and Kathryn Ballard

Brian and Kathryn Ballard of Tallahassee will serve as chairs of the 2019 Inaugural Committee. Brian and Kathryn have extensive experience leading the inaugural process. They were selected by two previous Florida governors to plan and execute their inaugural ceremonies and events, serving as co-chairs for both Governor Rick Scott and Governor Charlie Crist. Brian Ballard has served as a top advisor to numerous presidential and Florida gubernatorial candidates throughout his career, including President Trump and Governor-elect Ron DeSantis.

Inaugural Co-Chairs, Stanley and Gay Hart Gaines

Stanley and Gay Hart Gaines of Palm Beach will serve as co-chairs of the 2019 Inaugural Committee and are known for their longtime service to the state of Florida. Gay Hart Gaines has been one of Governor-elect DeSantis’ strongest supporters and has decades of experience advising political candidates from the local to presidential level.

Inaugural Co-Chairs, Bill and Lys Rubin

Bill and Lys Rubin of Broward County will serve as co-chairs of the 2019 Inaugural Committee. Bill Rubin served on Governor Rick Scott’s inaugural committee and has a distinguished record of accomplishment in both the public and private sectors.

Inaugural Finance Committee

  • Chair, Nick Iarossi
  • Co-Chair, James “Bill” Heavener
  • Co-Chair, Mori Hosseini

Inaugural Host Committee

  • Slater Bayliss
  • Rodney Barreto
  • The Honorable Allan Bense
  • Brady Benford
  • David Browning
  • The Honorable Dean Cannon
  • Thomas L. Corr
  • Representative Byron & Erika Donalds
  • Rebekah Dorworth
  • Tre Evers
  • Joseph G. Fogg III
  • Anthony Farhat
  • The Honorable Dr. Jeffrey and Barbara Feingold
  • Carson Good
  • Tony Grippa
  • John Hamlin
  • The Honorable Adam & Jillian Hasner
  • Jeff and Sonya Hartley
  • Dr. Roy Hinman
  • Ken Jones
  • Marva Johnson
  • Jeff Johnston
  • Manny Kadre
  • Fred & Autumn Karlinsky
  • Tom Kukk
  • Ben Leon, Jr.
  • Kelly Mallette
  • Albert Maury
  • Chris Moya
  • The Honorable Pat Neal
  • Bridget Nocco
  • Richard Parrillo
  • Robert W. Pereira
  • Tom Petway
  • Ike & Laura Perlmutter
  • Ambassador John Rood
  • The Honorable Robert Schenck
  • Ambassador Mel & Betty Sembler
  • Kent Stermon
  • Rick Sontag
  • Monte Stevens
  • Heather Turnbull
  • The Honorable Will Weatherford
  • Katie Webb
  • Derek Whitis