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Governor DeSantis Endorsed by Moms for Liberty FL PC, Governor and First Lady Speak at National Summit

TAMPA, Fla. — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received an endorsement from Moms for Liberty FL PC and spoke to a crowd of more than 500 Moms for Liberty activists today at the “Joyful Warriors” National Summit in Tampa, Florida.

Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich, co-founders of Moms for Liberty, and Marie Rogerson, Executive Director of Program Development, also presented Governor DeSantis with the first-ever Liberty Sword Award. This is the first time they have endorsed a Governor.

Governor DeSantis made the following statement concerning the endorsement:

“While other states try to lock parents out of their children’s lives, here in Florida we value parental rights. I am proud to receive the support of Moms for Liberty in their fight to put children first and to protect parents’ rights. 

As a father of three young children, I intend to leave Florida to God and to our children better than I found it.” 

First Lady Casey DeSantis participated in a fireside chat with Tiffany Justice, co-founder of Moms for Liberty, at today’s summit.

First Lady Casey DeSantis made the following statement:

“Moms for Liberty is on the frontlines of freedom, fighting for the most important thing in their lives: their children. Governor DeSantis leads the state of Florida every day with this in mind and protects your right as a parent to do what’s best for your own children. 

I was honored to speak at today’s Moms for Liberty National Summit to share the message of the Freedom Agenda and call on this group of fired-up mama bears to join us in the fight to keep Florida free.” 

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis launched the Mamas for DeSantis initiative to mobilize a million mamas across the Sunshine State to elect the most pro-family Governor in America. Learn more at

Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich, co-founders of Moms for Liberty, made the following statement: 

“On behalf of Moms for Liberty Florida PC, we are proud to endorse Governor Ron DeSantis, the MOST pro-parent governor in America. 

For the first time ever, Moms for Liberty is endorsing a Governor, and we couldn’t think of a better leader who protects our children and stands up for our rights as parents.

2022 is the Year of the Parent and we can think of no bigger champion for parents than Governor Ron DeSantis!”



  • Governor DeSantis recently announced the launch of the DeSantis Education Agenda: Putting Students First, Protecting Parents’ Rights, a statewide blueprint for school board candidates and members who are committed to advancing Governor DeSantis’s agenda priorities at the local school board level.
  • Yesterday, Governor DeSantis announced his latest slate of endorsements.
  • The DeSantis Education Agenda is a student-first, parent-centered initiative focused on setting Florida’s children up for success, ensuring parental rights in education, and combatting the woke agenda from infiltrating public schools. This statewide agenda is for school board candidates and school board members who are committed to advancing these priorities at the local school board level.
  • Because of the Governor’s leadership, Florida’s students have thrived. Florida’s public schools now lead the nation and parents are confident they can send their children to school without the threat of woke indoctrination.
  • Keep Schools Open and Reject Lockdowns
  • Educate, Don’t Indoctrinate
  • Ensure Parental Rights in Education and Keep Woke Gender Ideology Out of Schools
  • Support Robust Civics Education
  • Expand Workforce Development and Technical Education
  • Reject the use of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the Curriculum
  • Increase Teacher Pay
  • Continue Support for School Security and Mental Health Initiatives
  • Protect the Right of Parents to Petition School Boards and Districts for Redress of Grievances
  • Guarantee the Right of Parents to Curriculum Transparency
  • This agenda also serves as a model for other states looking to ensure student success, parental rights, and curriculum transparency.
  • School board candidates and current school board members can complete the DeSantis Education Agenda Survey at



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