Setting the Record Straight: Andrew Gillum is Trying to Distract from the Truth. He Accepted Gifts, and He Lied.

In 2016, Andrew Gillum went on numerous trips with lobbyists and other individuals with business before Tallahassee City Hall – including destinations such as New York, Costa Rica, and Qatar. Records from those trips released this week show irrefutable evidence that Andrew Gillum gladly accepted gifts in exchange for his support and loyalty as an elected official.

Despite Andrew Gillum’s multiple public denials before these documents’ release, in New York, he accepted gifts in the form of a luxury hotel room, Broadway tickets to see “Hamilton” that usually cost a thousand dollars each – and, glamorous “booze cruise” around the Hudson River to see the Statue of Liberty and he knew that they were paid for by real estate developers and lobbyists. Gillum’s own texts prove this.  

These records also expose Andrew Gillum’s lies about his trip to Costa Rica. Gillum, his wife, and other lobbyists and guests stayed in a luxury villa paid for by those lobbyists, who received multi-million-dollar city contracts with Gillum’s support. He lied about paying cash for the room. He lied about how just how outrageously lavish this trip really was. The truth is, he stayed there for four nights—for free—hanging around and partying with people who had official business before Andrew Gillum’s city government.

Andrew Gillum boldly lied to Florida voters. He told us that he has never accepted anything for free; however, what we have here is a classic case of a corrupt career politician who knowingly accepted gifts in exchange for his support. What’s more, in a crystal-clear case of corruption, those lobbyists and developers benefited from Gillum’s official mayoral vote, and cashed in on millions of dollars of the taxpayers’ money. 

Andrew Gillum has gone on the record—and lied—at least five separate times, most memorably to Jake Tapper and the American public on CNN. His willingness to lie to Floridians about taking freebies from lobbyists disqualifies him from leading Florida.

FBI Paid For New York Excursions, Including Hotel, Boat Trip, and “Hamilton” Tickets. “Undercover FBI agents paid for Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum’s hotel room and his ticket to the Broadway musical Hamilton during a 2016 trip to New York City, according to a bombshell trove of records that raises new questions two weeks before the Nov. 6 election for Florida governor.” (Lawrence Mower, “Records show FBI agents gave Andrew Gillum tickets to ‘Hamilton’ in 2016,” Tampa Bay Times, 10/24/2018).

Records Dispute Claim That Gillum Paid for Costa Rica Trip. “During the gubernatorial debate, DeSantis also pressed Gillum on whether he paid for the ‘villa in Costa Rica,’ a reference to his accommodations on that trip, which did not include Miller. Gillum has said he and his wife paid cash for the May 2016 Costa Rica accommodations, a contention refuted in the newly released emails.” (Matt Dixon and Arek Sarkissian, “Undercover FBI agent got Gillum ‘Hamilton’ tickets, texts show,” POLITICO, 10/23/2018).

Andrew Gillum Accepted Gifts from Undercover FBI Agents Posing As Developers with Business Before City Hall. “But records made public on Tuesday suggest that Mr. Gillum knowingly accepted a ticket to the Broadway show “Hamilton” from men he believed to be businessmen looking to develop property in Tallahassee — but who were actually undercover F.B.I. agents. The records also suggest that a lobbyist friend provided Mr. Gillum and his brother with a hotel room in New York — and possibly paid for much of a vacation the mayor shared in Costa Rica. Mr. Gillum never reported any of the perks as gifts, as required by law for elected officials in Florida.” (Patricia Mazzei, “ Text Messages Raise New Questions Over Andrew Gillum’s Lobbyist Connections,” New York Times, 10/23/2018).

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