Ron DeSantis Will Fight to Protect Florida’s Environment, while Andrew Gillum’s Record Shows That He Will Not

Andrew Gillum claims to be a champion of the environment; however, his record tells another story. In Tallahassee, he voted for numerous projects that would have been disastrous for the local environment.

Gillum supported a proposed biomass power plant construction project in a poor neighborhood in Tallahassee, despite pollution concerns from Leon County Commissioners. He also voted for a $1.5 billion coal-fired power plant in North Florida. News reports indicate he even lied about carbon dioxide emissions in Tallahassee, claiming that they decreased under his tenure when they in fact increased.

Ron DeSantis has been endorsed by the Everglades Trust because they know that he “understands the critical infrastructure projects that must be undertaken and expedited, with the ability to make them a top priority.” Ron will clean up our water – he’ll build the reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee to store and clean polluted water, work with the President to ensure no oil-drilling occurs off our coasts and will prioritize finding ways to combat red tide.

When it comes to the environment, Andrew Gillum’s record proves that he cannot be trusted. Ron DeSantis will fight to protect Florida’s environment and has a plan to restore the Everglades, build the reservoir, protect our beaches and combat red tide.

Andrew Gillum Supported a Biomass Plant Project Accused of Environmental Racism. “…Gillum’s more recent support of a controversial biomass plant near a poor Tallahassee neighborhood in 2009. Gillum, with three other city commissioners and Mayor John Marks, voted to move forward with the project in October, 2006. The biomass plant was proposed to be built near a minority neighborhood next to Florida State University. The project was halted after a bruising public relations battle…” (“City Votes, Gubernatorial Politics: Andrew Gillum Supported Biomass Plant Near Poor Minority Neighborhood,” Tallahassee Reports, 5/5/2018).

Gillum Voted in Favor of Building a $1.5 Billion Coal-Fired Power Plant in North Florida. “As a Tallahassee city commissioner in 2005 he voted for Tallahassee to join a group of cities and public utilities to build a $1.5 billion coal-fired power plant in north Florida. The 4-1 vote committed the city to spending up to $6.4million to secure its spot in the controversial project.” (Adam Smith, “Andrew Gillum voted for a coal plant, but attacks Gwen Graham’s oil pipeline vote,” Tampa Bay Times, 5/4/2018).

Gillum Lied About His Record in Reducing Tallahassee’s Carbon Footprint. “There is no evidence that supported a carbon cut of 40 percent under Gillum’s watch. In reality, the city has seen an estimated reduction in carbon emissions over the course of two decades…So even though the city reduced its electricity use during that time, the drop can not be credited to Gillum. Further, recent data from the city shows that electricity consumption has gone down .1 percent from 2014-16, and the amount of carbon dioxide released has actually gone up 4 percent.” (Allison Graves, “Gillum campaign changes website after touting false claim,” PolitiFact Florida, 10/12/2017)


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