Ron DeSantis is the Only Candidate Who Will Empower Parents to Make Decisions for Their Child’s Education.

Ron DeSantis will protect and expand choice scholarships like McKay, Gardiner, and the Florida Tax-Credit scholarships on which more than 150,000 mostly poor, minority and disabled kids depend.

Andrew Gillum, on the other hand, has said he will end school choice scholarships. Gillum would take scholarships away from the families that depend on them and force those children out of the schools they have chosen to provide them the best education for their individual needs. What’s more, he has no plan on how he would pay the estimated $1 billion that it would cost to take away these scholarships.

When it comes to school choice, Ron DeSantis is the only candidate who will stand with families over bureaucrats to ensure Florida’s parents have the power to decide what’s best for their children.

Ron DeSantis Will Expand School Choice Scholarship Programs. “Expand Choice Scholarship Programs: To support the more than 140,000 diverse Florida students that have chosen to utilize and depend on Florida’s K-12 scholarship programs like the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, McKay and Gardiner Scholarships, Ron DeSantis will support policies that expand choice scholarships, including raising the cap on the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program. The more than 140,000 students that utilize these programs include over 40,000 students with disabilities, nearly 40,000 Black or African American students, over 50,000 Hispanic or Latino students, just over 43,000 White students, nearly 8,000 students of other ethnicities, and over 100,000 students from low-income families. These programs are so popular that tens of thousands of students were turned away last year from these important scholarship programs. Ron DeSantis will fight to ensure every student eligible receives their scholarship, and he will always stand with these students and their parents over bureaucracy and unions.” (“Education,” Ron DeSantis for Governor)

Gillum Will End School Choice Scholarships. “Gillum vowed to end ‘the voucherizing of the education system’ that began under former Republican Gov. Jeb Bush. ‘We’ve got to begin to bring that to conclusion,’ Gillum said. ‘It’s been 20 years of the underfunding, the defunding of the public (school) system, which still educates over 90 percent of our kids.’” (Lloyd Dunkelberger, “Gillum, DeSantis offer sharply different schools plans,” News 4 Jax, 9/18/2018)

Almost 150,000 Florida Students Rely on School Choice Scholarships. “Nearly 150,000 children are receiving scholarships to receive a private education of their choice thanks to Florida’s school choice programs.” (“Brief: School Choice in the States, June 2018,” 7/6/2018)


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