Ron DeSantis in Little Havana: “El Socialismo Sería Un Desastre Para La Florida”

Orlando, FL – Last night in Miami’s historic Little Havana neighborhood, Ron DeSantis spoke to an energetic crowd of community leaders and local residents. Opening his remarks in Spanish, the Congressman went after socialist policies directly:

“Soy Ron DeSantis, Congresista de los Estados Unidos y soy el único candidato capitalista para gobernador de Florida.”

Translation: I’m Ron DeSantis, U.S. Congressman and I’m the only capitalist candidate for Governor of Florida.

“El Socialismo Sería Un Desastre Para La Florida.”
Translation: Socialism would be a disaster for Florida.

“We don’t want socialists!” A woman in the crowd responds enthusiastically.

“No podemos permitir que las políticas socialistas ganen en esta tierra libre.”
Translation: We cannot allow socialist policies to win in the land of the free.

“NO!” The crowd yelled back.

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Miami Herald: How GOP warnings about Venezuela and socialism could hurt Andrew Gillum in Miami

“From the moment the November ballot was set, Republicans’ message about Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum’s platform has been consistent: Florida can’t afford to adopt his “socialist” agenda…”

“It’s a talking point that Republican gubernatorial nominee Ron DeSantis… repeated Thursday in Orlando, and are guaranteed to broadcast until election day as Gillum pushes for a $15 minimum wage, Medicare-for-All and a 40-percent increase in the corporate tax rate to fund education…”

“It’s highly likely that the strategy will be effective in heavily Democratic Miami-Dade County, where Republicans are courting hundreds of thousands of exiles who’ve fled communist and socialist nations in an effort to keep Gillum from running up the score…”

“Socialism would be a disaster for Florida,” DeSantis said in Miami on Thursday night, drawing cheers from a crowd that packed the Manuel Artime Theatre in Little Havana to hear the conservative congressman speak. “We can’t let socialist policies win in this free land.”

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