Governor DeSantis Signs Strongest Election Integrity Legislation in the Country

✔️ The bill prohibits ballot harvesting by political operatives, by strengthening ballot chain of custody and ensuring only known, trusted individuals can handle a ballot other than their own.

✔️ This bill bans the outside influence of third-party organizations, like the Zuckerberg Foundation, by prohibiting our Election Supervisors from accepting donations or grants to fund any aspect of election administration or operations.

✔️ The bill requires additional security steps to prevent fraudulent changes to any voter registration.

✔️ The bill ensures that absentee vote-by-mail ballots are only sent to the individuals that requested them, and individuals must request an absentee ballot for each election cycle for which they intend to vote absentee by mail.

• No universal vote by mail in Florida; and
• No vote-by mail in perpetuity for Florida elections.

✔️ On Election Day, every voter in the state of Florida, regardless of county, will have access to live voter turnout data updated every hour to be provided by Supervisors of Election (SOE).

✔️ SOEs will be required to post, beginning at 7pm on Election Day, the number of absentee vote-by-mail ballots that have been received and the number of absentee vote-by-mail ballots that remain uncounted. This reporting will be updated at least every hour.

✔️ Each political party and each candidate is guaranteed access to observe signature matching reviews by the canvassing board, or may appoint a watcher to do so on their behalf.

✔️ Physically damaged ballots are required to be duplicated in an open and accessible room, on a true ballot, with access by the public to observe the process.

✔️ Duplication of under-voted or over-voted races on absentee vote-by-mail ballots can only be conducted if there is clear indication that the voter has made a definite choice.

✔️ The bill increases the amount of time elections records are retained to 22 months for any audits of an election.

✔️ The bill requires “stress tests” for online voter registration systems to maintain high standards for capacity, throughput, and effectiveness of Florida’s online voter registration system.

✔️ The bill prohibits any kind of voter solicitation within 150 ft. of polling places or drop boxes, including distributing material to voters. This ensures every voter has unfettered access to the polls.