Casey DeSantis Visits Tampa School, Vows to Protect Choice Scholarships

Orlando, Fla. – Today, Casey DeSantis, wife of Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis, visited the St. Peter Claver Catholic School in Tampa. Mrs. DeSantis toured the school, met with students and teachers, and spoke about the importance of choice scholarships.

“St. Peter Claver Catholic School is a testament to how innovative education policies can truly change the lives of children and their families,” said Casey DeSantis.  “St. Peter Claver has more than 150 students, many of them African-American and all of them from families with limited means, that are now excelling in a great learning environment thanks to the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program.  This program empowers low-income parents to choose the best learning environment for their children—just like parents of greater means do.”

“My husband, Ron DeSantis, will protect these students’ scholarships and defend these parents’ right to send their child to a school where they can excel,” continued Casey DeSantis.  “Andrew Gillum has said that he will bring this program and others like it ‘to a conclusion.’ That is shameful and wrong.  He should look these students and parents in the eye and tell them why he thinks they don’t deserve the opportunity to choose a learning environment that works for them.”

“Public education doesn’t exist to serve the interests of bureaucrats and unions – it exists to equip every child with the knowledge and skills they need to pursue their dreams and maximize their own potential. Empowering families will always be the focus of Ron DeSantis as Governor,” concluded Casey DeSantis.

To view video of Casey DeSantis’ visit, click below: