Ron DeSantis Wants to Build on Our Economic Success. Andrew Gillum Would Reverse It.

Under Governor Rick Scott, Florida has seen unbelievable economic growth. Governor Scott’s commitment to free-market, conservative principles has resulted in the addition of 1.6 million new jobs, a state GDP that topped $1 trillion earlier this year, and a reduction in Florida’s debt by more than $10 billion.

As Governor, Ron DeSantis will continue to build off of Governor Scott’s economic success and take Florida’s economy to new heights for the benefit of all Floridians. Ron believes government should work within its budget as opposed to taking more and more money from Floridians’ pockets. He has pledged to veto any legislation that will raise taxes and will work to make Florida the best state in the nation to start a business and raise a family.

Compare that to Andrew Gillum, who has proposed tax hikes and economic policies that would set Florida’s economic growth back decades. From Gillum’s 40% tax increase, to his government-mandated $15 minimum wage proposals, Florida would quickly become a high-tax and low-growth state.

Florida cannot afford Andrew Gillum. He would only cripple the economic growth that helps Florida businesses and families prosper.

Florida Ranked 4th Best Business Tax Climate, 1st for Individual Income Taxes. “The Ron DeSantis for Governor Campaign today highlighted The Tax Foundation’s 2019 Rankings showcasing Florida’s economy is working. According to the Tax Foundation’s annual State Business Tax Climate Index, Florida has the fourth best business tax climate in the country, and is the No. 1 best climate for individual taxes.” (Press Release, “Tax Foundation’s 2019 Rankings Show Florida’s Economy is Working,” DeSantis Nuñez for Governor, 10/2/2018).

Florida’s Economy Passes $1 Trillion Mark. “Florida may seem like another country sometimes with its wacky ‘Florida man’ stories and uniquely-Florida crimes, but it’s like another country in a new way as of today — its economic clout. Florida’s economy topped $1 trillion Friday, meaning that if Florida was its own nation, it would have the 17th-largest economy in the world.” (Malena Carollo, “Florida’s economy passes $1 trillion mark Friday,” Tampa Bay Times, 7/13/2018).

Gov. Scott’s Administration Saw 1.6 Million New Jobs Created, Debt Reduction of $10 Billion. “Since Governor Scott took office, Florida has experienced an incredible economic turnaround, including: Florida’s businesses have added more than 1.55 million new private sector jobs since December 2010; Taxes in Florida have been cut nearly 100 times, saving families and businesses more than $10 BILLION; Florida’s unemployment has dropped from 11.2 percent to just 3.8 percent; and Florida has paid down by more than $10 billion in state debt.” (Press Release, “Gov. Scott: State Debt Reduced by More Than $10 Billion,” Executive Office of Gov. Rick Scott, 8/13/2018).


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