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March 2018

Ron DeSantis Responds to Legislative Proposals For Increased Gun Control

Orlando, FL –  Today, Gubernatorial candidate, Congressman Ron DeSantis issued the following statement in response to current legislative proposals for increased gun control.

“The tragedy in Parkland represented a catastrophic failure by the Broward County Sheriff’s office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” said DeSantis. “I have been clear that the FBI needs to provide full transparency to Congress and the personnel responsible for the failure need to be terminated.  I also support the immediate resignation of Broward Sheriff Scott Israel as well as Governor Scott’s call for an independent investigation of the entire department.”

“Parkland demonstrated the need to provide adequate security at Florida’s schools. I support Governor Scott’s initiative to improve safety and harden these schools.  While I don’t think any teacher or administrator should be required to carry a firearm, I believe that those who possess a concealed carry license and are so inclined should not be barred from doing so on campus.  What is more, I think it’s important to establish a program so that we can enlist the help of retired military and law enforcement personnel to ensure that our students are safe while they learn.”

“The issue of mental illness has been a recurring theme among mass shooters in recent years and we need more tools with which to deal with this stubborn fact.  Anyone who is a danger to themselves or to society should not be permitted to wreak havoc in our communities, be it with a firearm or via other means.”

“Given that the issues of bureaucratic incompetence, school safety and mental health demand immediate attention, I’m disappointed that the Florida Legislature is rushing to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens.  When dealing with a right that is specifically enumerated in the Constitution, blanket restrictions that diminish individual rights are suspect.  Better to focus on denying firearms to dangerous individuals, which avoids infringing on constitutional rights and is also more likely to be effective.  The goal should be to keep our students safe, bring accountability to the officials and institutions that failed, and protect the rights of Floridians.”



January 2018

Ron DeSantis Files Paperwork to Run for Governor

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January 5, 2018

On Fox News Show, Fox and Friends, DeSantis Announced He Will Be Filing Paperwork Today to Run for Governor of Florida

Orlando, FL – Today, Ron DeSantis announced his plans to file paperwork to begin the process of running for governor of Florida. DeSantis’ entrance into the race comes on the heels of his endorsement by President Trump on Twitter and a new poll showing him leading a hypothetical primary matchup. He made the announcement on the Fox News show, Fox and Friends.
“As you remember a few weeks ago, the president tweeted support for me as a candidate for governor of Florida. So, today we’re going to be filing the paperwork to begin that effort. As a military officer, an Iraq veteran, and a proven conservative, with the support of the president, I’m in a position to exercise the leadership that can build on the great work that Governor Rick Scott has done to advance economic opportunity, reform education, and drain the swamp in Tallahassee that needs to be drained just like Washington. While this is an important step towards running for Governor, an official campaign kick-off ill take place later this month.”
Background: Ron DeSantis is a Navy reservist, Iraq veteran, and former prosecutor from Palm Coast, FL.  He was elected to Congress in 2012 where he immediately fought to roll back a congressional pay raise, rejected his congressional pension, and declined the congressional healthcare package because he believes that members of Congress should have to live under the same laws as everyone else. He’s also been a leading Conservative voice supporting President Trump’s work to drain the swamp as well as issues such as the IRS email scandal, the Hillary Clinton email scandal, and the Fusion GPS Dossier scandal.

Politico FL: Ron DeSantis Leads Gubernatorial Primary Field In First Poll of 2018

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January 2, 2018


Politico FL: Ron DeSantis Leads Gubernatorial Primary Field In First Poll of 2018
Tops Adam Putnam In Potential 3-Way and Head-to-Head Matchup

Poll: DeSantis has slight edge in GOP gubernatorial primary

“Let us start with some new numbers that give a glimpse into the not-yet-finalized Republican field for governor.
Jeff Roe, founder of Remington Research Group and a top adviser for Ted Cruz’s failed presidential bid, is out with a new poll showing Rep. Ron DeSantis with a slight lead more than 10 months before election day. DeSantis is not yet officially in the race, but is widely expected to decide shortly.
The automated “robopoll,” which had a sample of 1,423 likely GOP voters, had DeSantis with 28 percent, ahead of state Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam (25 percent), and state House Speaker Richard Corcoran (3 percent). Corcoran is not yet in the race, but expected to announce after the 2018 legislative session. The poll does not include former state Sen. Jack Latvala, who recently resigned after two sexual harassment investigations but officially remains in the governor’s race.
The new numbers also give some insight into why President Donald Trump’s support and endorsement is so coveted despite low national poll numbers. Trump, who has given public support to DeSantis, is viewed favorably by 84 percent of Republican primary voters.
“Additionally, a plurality of voters, 36 percent, claimed to be a “Trump Republican” when asked what type of Republican they considered themselves to be,” read a narrative accompanying the numbers. “This data could provide a glimpse as to how impactful an endorsement from Trump could be in the primary election.”
The poll was not funded by any campaign or committee directly aligned with the governor’s race. Roe is also not working for any of the campaigns.”

December 2017

Ron DeSantis Talks Trump Tweet On Fox and Friends DeSantis

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December 27, 2017

Ron DeSantis Talks Trump Tweet On Fox and Friends DeSantis
Told Fox and Friends Hosts They Would Have to “Stay Tuned”

Today, Ron DeSantis appeared on the Fox News show, Fox and Friends, to discuss the FBI’s inability to verify the Fusion GPS dossier.  Towards the end of the interview, he was asked about Donald Trump’s tweet encouraging him to run for Governor of Florida.

View Clip: https://youtu.be/G6XYrB8mgEA


Pete Hegseth:  Congressman, a tweet went out on Friday, I’m not sure if you saw it, it said “Congressman Ron DeSantis is a brilliant young leader, Yale and then Harvard Law, who would make a great Governor of Florida. He loves our country and is a true fighter.” Now previous to that, you had spent a lot of time with the President. A lot of reports that you want to run for Governor of Florida. Why don’t you break some news for us here.

Ron DeSantis: I can tell you that when that tweet went out, the amount of buzzing on my phone from calls and texts, I thought the phone was malfunctioning or there was something going on. When he tweets and he has 100 million people that are seeing that, it’s a really really big deal, so I really appreciate the kind words from the President.

He loves Florida, he’s been good for Florida, and I anticipate he’ll continue to do that. We’ll definitely come back on your show in the new year and be happy to break some news then.

Lisa Boothe: I guess we’ll have to wait then.

Leland Vittert: I gotta think about this. If you’re promising to break news, it’s almost as if you’re breaking some.

Lisa Both: Yeah, Leland’s on to something here.

Leland Vittert: This is the non-denial, denial. Sort of the non-acceptance, acceptance.

Ron DeSantis: Leland, you can use your deductive reasoning skills, there’s nothing wrong with that.


President Trump Backs Ron DeSantis for Governor of Florida

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Contact: Brad Herold, Brad@RonDeSantis.com
December 22, 2017

President Trump Backs Ron DeSantis for Governor of Florida


In response, Congressman Ron DeSantis released the following statement: “I’m grateful to have the President’s support and appreciate what he has done — from appointing great judges to recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital to signing a pro-growth tax cut — to get our country back on track. As an Iraq veteran, I’m especially appreciative of his efforts to support our military and our veterans. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

This is not the first time President Trump has backed Ron DeSantis, in 2012 he stated: “Ron DeSantis, Iraq vet, Navy hero, bronze star, Yale, Harvard Law, running for Congress in Fla. Very impressive.”