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Governor Ron DeSantis is the former U.S. Representative for Florida’s Sixth District. 

A native Floridian with blue-collar roots, Ron worked his way through Yale University, where he graduated with honors and was the captain of the varsity baseball team. He also graduated with honors from Harvard Law School. While at Harvard, he earned a commission in the U.S. Navy as a JAG officer. During his active-duty service, he supported operations at the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and deployed to Iraq as an adviser to a U.S. Navy SEAL commander in support of the SEAL mission in Fallujah, Ramadi and the rest of Al Anbar province.  His military decorations include the Bronze Star Medal for Meritorious Service and the Iraq Campaign Medal.

After active-duty service, Ron served as a federal prosecutor, where he targeted and convicted child predators.  He was first elected to Congress in 2012, where he fought for term limits, the No Budget/No Pay Act, and to cut taxes.  While serving in Congress, Ron refused his Congressional pension and health insurance plan because he is against special deals for politicians.  He also sponsored legislation to make it easier for the military to prosecute sexual assault and authored the bill to end the secret taxpayer-funded slush fund for members of Congress to make hush payoffs for sexual harassment. 

Ron is married to Casey DeSantis, an Emmy Award winning television host. Together, they’re the proud parents of their daughters, Madison and Mamie, and their son, Mason.

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1 day ago
Ron DeSantis

Secure Our Border ... See MoreSee Less

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Ron DeSantis is a tough and effective leader for Florida and hopefully for the whole United States 🇺🇸 one day!!! DeSantis’ leadership is needed not just in Florida but everywhere!

Not good. Maybe they are told to go there by the Biden administration in hopes of changing Florida from Red to Blue. Keep them out Ron Desantis

Right on Governor DeSantis. Your instincts are correct and needed to save our wonderful country.


Ron DeSantis needs to be impeached and sued, for misuse of taxpayer money, and theft of hundreds of millions of Federal dollars, belonging to lower class unemployed Floridians, for the sole benefit, of upper class, rich Floridians. THIS IS CLASS WARFARE AND AN ABUSE OF BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.

Governor, you sure look like you'll be running for President. It's nice to see a man standing up and being a man. Now if we can just get a Trump/DeSantis ticket! What a blessing for America!

Reading some of these comments….sounds like some of the people hate our Governor like they hated our President…despite what they cannot see…he maybe setting up to run for our President….I believe he cares about us in Florida and people have their heads in the sand if they think that what happens on the border doesn’t effect the rest of the states….I am glad he went

Thank you for be a real elected official - I’m honored to have you as my governor. Can’t wait to cast a vote for you in the next presidential election.

Makes sense. California is a dead state because of the mentally insane gov and dems. Florida would be next. Any dem that doesn’t like it get out. I love our governor. What a brilliant man😊

Thank you Governor DeSantis for watching out for us.

We have the best governor in the entire country. Hopefully he will become our next president. Thank you Governor DeSantis for everything you do!

If we cut social services, education, and medical for illegals then they would have less incentives to come here.

Thank you for stepping up to save our country when the Federal Gov't is doing all they can to ruin it!

Oh screw you DeSantis you let in Cubans and whoever can float a boat this far.

TAXPAYERS have been supporting these illegals for decades into the BILLIONS of dollars, and NOW with Biden’s open border attack on America, we can only EXPECT that TAXPAYERS will be paying BILLIONS more for the Democrats invasion of America!

God Bless You, Govenor DeSantis. Time for the Biden Administration to enforce the USA Immigration Laws.We do not want a Marxists country.

Cool now what are you doing for our Toxic Red Tide Cyanobacteria!!!! You know the platform you ran on and won in 2018! Tampa Bay will be dead zone soon. Start representing and fixing the literal 💩 going on in our state for that which you were voted and hired to do.

Maybe they are being paid to go to FL to wreak havoc on that state.

Sir, PLEASE stop this mass invasion. Biden won’t. We need you to do this for us. -Florida resident who has been voting for you since you were my Congressman.

Well here we are back to being one of the states with the highest Covid rates .. another Epic Fail ... please resign so we can get an adult in the capital ...

Why are people liking and loving this POST? These are the illegals entering the U.S., and wanting to invade Florida. Seriously people? Read the statement in its entirety. This would not be good for our STATE. Don't forget the Biden people, and I don't mean that seriously, because he is clearly NOT in charge, are FLYING these crossers to RED STATES, and BUSING them. AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!

I don’t believe a word you say. You are wasting FL taxpayer $ on this stupid campaign stunt while our beaches are filled with dead fish and plastic.

Yet another publicity stunt going nowhere. Desantis.....Italian.....Great grandmother a non englesh speaker. Yes, unless you are Native American your family was once immigrants. In fact, without immigrants this country would not exist. Desantis has big problems in Florida including environmental and the big elephant in the room Covid. He is failing to address either, and instead is at the border in Texas wasting his time and our money. Texas has a govenor already....someone needs to tell Desantis.

Gov. DeSantis, How about instead of wasting my tax dollars on this photo-op you work on encouraging more Floridians to get vaccinated. This state is suffering and you are doing nothing.

I am calling bullshit. Please use the truth to campaign.

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2 days ago
Ron DeSantis

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biden= failure. Thank you Desantis for stepping up with Abbott! 🇺🇸

Come to America, they said. It’ll be fine, they said….

And Biden don’t want to do anything about it.great job joe harris

Check into farmers being asked by govt agents to plow up their fields!!!! Illegals are being bused all over the country with one-way tickets from the Fed. govt.

Sounds like Border Agents need to take regular lie detector tests. ‘Border Patrol Agent Oberlin Cortez Peña Jr., 22, of La Joya told an informant how to trick drug-sniffing dogs and hide cocaine, according to the criminal complaint against him. In exchange, the informant provided Peña with cash.’ ‘The investigation started in mid-June, when the Office of Inspector General received “debriefing intelligence” that a Border Patrol agent was involved in human smuggling, according to the criminal complaint. Agents set up a sting operation. A week later, agents had an informant contact Peña. In exchange for $500, he agreed to provide the informant with advice. “PENA, a U.S. Border Patrol Agent (BPA), said he would drive ahead on his way to work and communicate which checkpoint lane to smuggle the IA through,” according to the criminal complaint, which described the person being smuggled through the checkpoint as an IA — an illegal alien. “PENA provided detailed instruction on when the smuggling had a highest rate of success, and instructions on how to conceal the IA.” The next day, Peña met the informant at La Plaza Mall in McAllen. The informant told Peña he needed to transport 5 kilograms of cocaine through the checkpoint. Peña said he would check the Border Patrol schedule to find out when “rookie agents” would be working.’

Total bullshit about his claims that he made about Meth. For example Meth seizures have been increasing for years before Biden took office. Just check the CBP site. This is only for southern border seizures. FY is from oct1-Sept 30. FY 18- 81,885 lbs (Trump) FY19- 131,180 lbs (trump) FY20- 170,152 lbs (Trump 5 months/ Biden 7 months) Fy21 to date- 134,340 lbs (Biden)

Trump tried telling everyone! And he did his best to secure our borders!!!!!! Now look! .. this country is doomed!!!!!!!!!

Start by voting EVERY Do Nothing Democrat out of office.

‘A U.S. Border Patrol agent in South Texas admitted to letting human smugglers cross the U.S.-Mexico border with truckloads of undocumented migrants in exchange for bribes of $400 per person, according to a plea agreement filed Sunday in federal court. Rodney Tolson, Jr. caught the attention of internal DHS investigators back in 2019, when they saw Tolson on surveillance video waving an unidentified smuggler through a border checkpoint. Two unnamed suspects cooperated with DHS to identify Tolson, who received his payments in the parking lot of a nearby Walmart. “According to [one of the co-conspirators], Tolson would call...and tell [the co-conspirator] which lane and time window to use for crossing through the checkpoint,” says a factual statement attached to the plea filing. The informant shared WhatsApp messages with investigators that Tolson had sent. In one, the informant asked Tolson if he was “ready to make some cash,” says the filing. “U know it,” Tolson responded. Eventually, Tolson suspected that the DHS internal affairs unit was onto him. At that point, he suggested the smugglers cross at distant ranches straddling the border, since Tolson had keys to the gates and knew where surveillance cameras were located. Criminal activity by U.S. border officers recently reached a five-year high. Tolson was arrested May 21.’

How would Ron DeSantis react, If I cut off his federal money? What If I stole his government paycheck? would he just "get another job" and move on, or would he rightfully complain that someone had robbed him? I want my federal unemployment, and neither, Florida, nor Ron DeSantis will have any say in the matter, it is between me and the federal government, and the longer you take, barrowing this money without my consent, the more it will cost Florida Tax Payers.

Thank you Governor, now run for President so we can secure all borders before the Demonrats ruin our country!

These Democrats are Anti American. The Day is coming.

I see Texas representatives are holding a 5 day conference in Washington DC! Shouldn’t they be in quarantine since 4 members of their group ,supposedly, came down with Covide?

"Thanks to President Biden and the DEA who continue to do their part to stop illegal drugs from getting into this country. Thank you for highlighting this accomplishment!"

Two great leaders!

And it will continue to come if something isn't done to help secure our border! Thank God all this was seized, but how much more leaked through and not caught!!??

I can’t believe the world we are living in under the Biden administration!

Dear Governor, RedState has reported that over 5,000 teachers, nationwide have signed a pledge to continue teaching CRT, even in states where it is against the law/state policy. You have made it against the law/state policy for any tenet of CRT to be taught in Florida's school system. However, at least 12 teachers from Florida have signed the pledge to continue teaching CRT/Tenets of CRT/etc. Here is the link showing who has signed the pledge and they have left their own comments as well. You might want to get someone in your staff to look into this and get these teacher removed before the start of the new school year.

Governor Ron DeSantis Thank for stepping up and doing what the current administration won’t.

Why are you in Texas? You're not governor there, you have a job here, it's hurricane season and buildings are collapsing.

Is desantis so dumb there are people securing the boarder. Drugs and immigrants come to florida from all the islands he should be securing our water ways and encouraging people to get vaccine

Finish the our borders, protect We the People....while your at it, please send Biden and his entire screw loose supporters there.

Very sad ! People will die because of this!

Showboat much?

Thank you again and again, for all your hard work . I appreciate having a great Governor 🙏

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