Senate hopeful says hell work to address terrorism threat
Naples Daily News
By Kristine Gill

December 5th, 2015

When U.S. congressman Curt Clawson took the podium to introduce Senate hopeful Ron DeSantis, he pointed out the similarities the two shared.

Both were Republicans, of course, and men of faith. Both played college ball and both, they would argue, have upheld their campaign promises while in office, unlike their opponents.

“From my heart, I can vouch for this man if he wins,” Clawson said.

DeSantis spoke in front of about 45 people Friday afternoon at Pelican Marsh Golf Club. The 37-year-old Ponte Vedra Beach resident and congressman for Florida’s 6th District announced back in May that he will run for Sen. Marco Rubio’s seat in 2016.

DeSantis said Friday that one of the biggest threats to the kinds of values he and Clawson share with each other and with those in the Republican party is terrorism. Hewent on to say that the current administration isn’t handling the threats appropriately, something he aims to address if elected.

“This is a global movement that is inherently hostile to our values and our way of life,” hesaid. “It’s been shown over and over again that when our country shows weakness in the face of terrorism, that we end up inviting more terrorism.”

DeSantis was elected to the U.S. House in 2012. He has also been a federal prosecutor and is a lieutenant commander in the Navy reserve following years of active service.

His criticism about the Obama’s administration’s handling of such issues as terrorism and the Syrian refugee crisis drew applause.

His 40 minutes at the podium also included comments on health care reform, Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, the national debt and welfare.

DeSantis ended his appearance by circling back to what Clawson said regarding his campaign promises and what voters can expect should they vote him into office.

“If you like what you hear, you can bet your bottom dollar that when I go up there, I’m not going to change,” he said. “I’m not going to go native, I’m going to stay and continue to represent the best interest and the principles of the people of this state.”