Ponte Vedra Beach, FL – Congressman Ron DeSantis issued the following statement on last night’s Republican Presidential debate on CNBC:

“Last night’s debate illustrated the modus operandi of the elite liberal press: try to make Republicans look bad so that a Democrat can win the White House. It is no wonder why Americans don’t trust the mainstream media,” said DeSantis. “Marco Rubio is right when he points out that Democrats have their own SuperPAC in the form of a liberal media establishment that provides huge in-kind donations to candidates like Hillary Clinton.”

“Chairman Priebus got taken to the cleaners by CNBC and the Republican Party can’t let this happen again. All debates should feature a conservativemedia partner. The goal of the debates should be to facilitate a discussionabout limited government principles and policy solutions, not to provide a forum for liberal journalists to dump opposition research on the candidates or to ask gotcha questions,” added DeSantis.