Ponte Vedra Beach, FL – Ron DeSantis for Florida released the following statement in response to the terrorist attacks in Brussels this morning.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the Belgian people and the families of those killed by this barbaric attack. These terrorists need to be brought to justice and their terror networks must be eliminated,” said Ron DeSantis. “Today’s attacks are a foreseeable consequence of bad policies that have refused to identify an enemy that is bent on destroying Western civilization through Islamic jihad. It is long past time that we in America institute reforms — such as my bill to prevent terrorists from infiltrating our refugee program — that will deny terrorists the ability to enter our country and to wage jihad against the American people. In addition, terrorists cannot be permitted to have a safe haven from which they can plan and train for attacks; the civilized world must show them no quarter. We cannot repeat the mistakes of our European allies.”

“President Obama has failed to defeat the terrorists; in fact, terrorists are greater in number and have a wider berth for operations than when he assumed office. We need to recognize that this is a global jihad and that our policies must protect the American people against all forms of Islamic supremacism, from groups like ISIS to the the militant regime in Iran.”